False Documents

False Documents, by Peter Lamborn Wilson (Hakim Bey), is a series of “Borgesian” fictions, each pretending to be a “document” from various literary, commercial, or otherwise culturally-pertinent contexts. Together they comprise a tour de force of structural imagination: an intricate reflection on the “alchemy” of creation and dissolution for a contemporary world whose discursive forms tend to obscure as often as illumine. Famous for his writings in anarchist philosophy and practice (including the coining of the phrase "Temporary Autonomous Zone, or TAZ), Hakim Bey again illustrates that only a position outside of history can truly zero-in on its deformed heart, which he does with laughter, insight and poignant care.

Peter Lamborn Wilson

Peter Lamborn Wilson is co-author of Green Hermeticism=alchemy & ecology (Lindisfarne Books, 2007); and author of Escape from the Nineteenth Century & Other Essays: Fourier, Marx, Proudhon and Nietzsche (Autonomedia, 1998) plus numerous other books and essays. He is a long-time member of the Autonomedia Collective and lives in the Hudson Valley.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Peter Lamborn Wilson, AKA Hakim Bey, has a significant and loyal following around the world for whom a new book will be an event.
  • Numerous New York reading are in the planning stages.