Later-in-Life Lawyers (2nd Ed.)

Tips for the Non-Traditional Law Student
Law school is a scary place for any new student.  For an older (“nontraditional”) student, it can be intimidating as well as being ill-designed for the needs of an older, second-career student with children and a mortgage. In its second edition, this book compiles unique advice from the author and dozens of current and former law students, on such matters as dealing with families and children, the LSAT and GPAs for the older student, the law school application process and law school rankings for non-traditional students, paying for law school, surviving first year and non-academic hurdles, and the occasional skeleton in the non-traditional closet.  The second edition adds a 50-page discussion on the current financial crisis, student loans, and surviving the dismal job market for law graduates. Its price is unchanged, at US$18.95.

Charles Cooper

The author, an attorney and university administrator, is founder of, the primary website for nontraditional law students.

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