The Shovel

It has been said that if you have enough faith you can move mountains. And you can always distinguish who the person is with real faith - he's the one who shows up with a shovel! That's what this book is about: moving the mountains in your life. Showing up each day with a positive attitude and creating successful habits today will produce the life you want tomorrow. Take responsibility for your life by owning up to your actions without making excuses or blaming others. Develop a clear vision of what your future will be and set specific goals to get there. Be committed to exceeding the expectations of others and develop a reputation for going the extra mile. Finally, learn to love by taking action to show others that they are important. By living the principles in this book, you will move the mountains in your life and become a person of success and significance.Other titles by Massey:How Bad Do You REALLY Want It?:978-1-934759-03-5 Ten Commitments for Men: 978-1-931741-59

Tom Massey

Baker Fore Baker Fore had multiple dreams about an old prospector, wrote them down in the middle of the night; then Tom Massey used Baker's dreams to develop the storyline for The Shovel.Fore and Massey have been light-heartedly referred to as the Barry & Manilow of self-actualization books - metaphorically speaking, one writes the lyrics and the other adds the melody.

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