God's Future For You

See How Amazing Your Life Can Be


God has you on His mind! In fact God has a dream for you... For your future! He wants you to experience the amazing future He has planned for you. This book will reveal to you the five elements of the future God has for you.You'll learn to: Unpack a bright future than you thought possible or would ever deserve, Let go of the things that hold you back, Discover God's specific plan for your life,  Experience a life of joy and significance beyond your wildest dreams.Throughout the next 28 days, let your mind and heart dream, believe and come to see and expect the amazing future God has for you.


Andr? Butler Andr? Butler, the award-winning Senior pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center , equips others to experience the future that God has for them by helping them embrace God's desire to prosper His people as they obey God's command to win the world to Jesus.

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