Backyard Chickens

Fresh golden yolk eggs in ready supply, organic fertilizer for the vegetable garden—what’s not to love about keeping backyard chickens? This handbook covers all you need to know to get started raising your very own flock of chickens. Whether you’re considering getting chickens, or already have a few in the backyard, you will find answers to questions such as: what type of chicken suits your space, where to buy chickens, what to look for when buying chickens, what housing your chickens will require, what your chickens will eat, how to care for your chickens Including sections on chicken health, an easy reference breed list and directions on hatching chicks.  Providing comprehensive and clear advice, Backyard Chickens offers not only the basics, but also a path into furthering your own interest in chickens by hatching and incubating your own.

Michelle Templin Michelle and her family run a small hobby farm business breeding chickens. This book is the result of the common questions asked by backyard chicken enthusiasts who are new to this eco-friendly suburban solution to fresh eggs, bug and pest removal, and organic fertilizer.

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