The Gen Y Handbook

Applying Relationship Leadership to Engage Millennials

With four generations simultaneously co-habitating today’s workplace, miscommunication and dissatisfaction are prevalent. Generation Y is the newest generation to enter our workforce and they pose a whole new set of particularly thorny issues, especially for those who manage them. So how can you, as a leader, help them reach their full potential? In The Gen Y Handbook: Applying Relationship Leadership to Engage Millennials Diane Spiegel takes a close look into the workings of the Gen Y mind: how they operate, their strengths, their weaknesses, and how to effectively engage the wide range of abilities at their disposal.

The Gen Y Handbook  is designed to be read in the way which best suits your needs—it can be read cover to cover, but it can also be referred to on the go according to a relevant topic. Each section is filled with Spiegel’s expert advice on generational understanding drawn from her enormous experience in corporate training and development.

Diane Spiegel of Orange County, CA Diane Spiegel is a founding partner of The End Result and one of the nation's recognized leaders in corporate training and development. With more than twenty-five years of experience, Diane is an industry leader and innovator who created the firm's highly successful training methodology, Sage Leadership Tools, which helps managers work more effectively with millennials.

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