When News Lies

Media Complicity and The Iraq War

When News Lies is the untold story of media war behind Iraq; the American government's efforts to manipulate war coverage; and the media's own timidity and reluctance to do its job-report the news to the public.Veteran author, video journalist, and media critic, Danny Schechter, takes us on a sometimes frightening, sometimes humorous journey behind the scenes of the media machine that sold us Operation Iraqi Freedom.This innovative new publishing format includes the full length DVD of Danny's award winning and controversial documentary, WMD-Weapons of Mass Deception.

Danny Schechter Danny Schechter brings an insider's experience to his outsider's perspective. A CNN and ABC News veteran, Schecter has worked as a journalist for over 30 years in mainstream and alternative media. Schechter draws on his own experiences to talk about what's wrong with the media and how to fix it.

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