Your Essential Self

This book reflects the content and input elicited from hundreds of participants of a five-day public seminar given throughout the U.S. over the past 10 years. This seminar has been presented to a broad array of managers and leaders in corporate and institutional industry, crossing cultural and economic boundaries. Based on this research, this book encompasses three unique but intimately related areas of action: the introspective search for the "Essential Self", the practical methods to deliver that "Self" to the world and the methods to sustain the "Self" through a daily practice based on three simple life defining questions.

James Looram

A West Point graduate with a doctorate from New York University, James Looram served two tours of duty in Vietnam, served as Professor of Leadership at West Point and held other faculty positions in leading graduate universities. He has provided "leadership" seminars for over 30 years to corporate and higher institutions across America.

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