Dangerous Odds

My Secret Life Inside an Illegal Billion Dollar Sports Betting Operation

Soon to be a WARNER BROS. movie starring MARGOT ROBBIE (Wolf of Wall Street, Focus), produced by Film 360 (Game of Thrones).

DANGEROUS ODDS - a True Crime Thriller Memoire -  is the explosive, never been told, behind the scenes look into the world of illegal sports betting, revealed by an insider, who happens to be a woman.  Marisa Lankester, a young beauty with a privileged New York upbringing, stumbles into the backdoor of the largest illegal sports betting organization in the U.S., run by Ron The Cigar Sacco.  Marisa, a thrill seeker, maneuvers herself into this mob run men only bookmaking operation and with her looks and brains, becomes a trusted insider.   Along the way, Marisa falls in love with Sacco's business partner, charismatic Tony. In an attempt to evade the wrath of the FBI, Marisa and Tony relocate Sacco's operation from Los Angeles first to Las Vegas and then to the Dominican Republic where gambling is legal.  What begins as a fun and exciting ride on the Caribbean island, where the tall, blond beauty also becomes a top model, morphs into a twisted nightmare. It is also the romantic tale of a beautiful, smart young woman whose love for a charismatic and handsome Italian-American leads her down the road into crime, incarceration and rape.  

DANGEROUS ODDS is the ultimate mistery thriller and suspense page-turner that draws the reader into what is the adrenaline pumped and genius world of sports gambling and betting.

Marisa Lankester of New York, NY

Award winning author Marisa Lankester was born in Rome, Italy. She moved to New York with her family when her father accepted a position with the United Nations. After attending university in Manhattan and Vancouver, Marisa headed to Los Angeles and went to work for notorious bookmaker, Ron 'The Cigar' Sacco. She later relocated to the Dominican Republic where she helped establish the worlds first offshore gambling operation. Marisa has resided in five countries and currently lives in Switzerland. Her novel will soon be a WARNER BROS. movie starring MARGOT ROBBIE (Wolf of Wall Street, Focus) produced by Film 360 (Game of Thrones)

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