Don't Give Up, Don't Give In

Drawing from his own experiences of rural childhood poverty in Texas, to prominent roles as a government official, and now as an acclaimed educational leader, Dr. Ivery demonstrates his motivational gifts, as he seeks to inspire young men to live lives of purpose and integrity.

A father and grandfather, Dr. Ivery’s words are presented as a personal conversation with a young man, inviting him to stop for a moment and think about the path his life is taking, where he’d like it to lead, and how best to get there.

Whether it’s navigating the ups and downs of friendships and relationships; how to manage difficult emotions like frustration, anger or disappointment; or how to navigate challenges with self-confidence and control to achieve success, Dr. Ivery brings time-tested wisdom to the table. His voice is clear and direct, but more importantly—compassionate. He understands the struggles of young men and rises admirably to the challenge of communicating to their hearts.

Dr. Curtis L. Ivery of Detroit, MI

Dr. Curtis L. Ivery has been Chancellor of Wayne County Community College District since 1995. The multi-campus, culturally diverse District in metropolitan Detroit serves thousands of students in Wayne County, and is a focal point for community issues and solutions. Thus, he sees the challenges of urban youth at every level. More importantly, he champions their success and has become a nationally recognized leader in education, urban affairs, and male parenting.

Recognizing that professional success begins with the role parents play in instilling the necessary characteristics and value to achieve such, Dr. Ivery has made it his personal mission to educate, inspire, and actively engage African American males in the parenting process.

The author of several books and hundreds of articles on urban affairs and education, Dr. Ivery continues his quest to strengthen communities by rebuilding the family unit and the values that create and hold them together.

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