Let's Try This Again

One girl.  Two guys.  It's complicated.

First there is Isaac, the ex-boyfriend who suddenly comes back into the picture just as she is about to move to California.  Josie starts eating, breathing, and sleeping with him again.  When Isaac makes it seem like he might actually want her to stay, Josie wonders if she’s giving up on him too quickly.  But she takes the plunge.

Josie’s new life falls into place, with new friends and a new job as the personal assistant for sweet, doting – and OMG - former boy band heartthrob, Carter.  When it seems like there might be something between Josie and her new boss, she can’t help but hold back in fear of crossing a line and, worse yet, getting her heart crushed.  Again.

What spirals into a complicated and unexpected love triangle forces Josie to face a decision that she is not sure she can make.  Carter or Isaac? 

Jordyn Woodtke has crafted a masterful debut new adult novel with Let’s Try This Again.

Jordyn Woodtke

Jordyn Woodtke is a gifted new writer destined to take the New Adult genre by storm with Let's Try This Again.  A graduate of NYU, she majored in screenwriting with a minor in bottomless brunching, skills she took with her to Los Angeles.  Now, on any given afternoon you're likely to find her petting puppies, noshing at numerous brunch spots in LA or bingeing on Netflix on her couch.  She loves storytelling because it lets her say things she wished she'd said when she had the chance.  And if Let's Try This Again is any indicator of future success, Jordyn will get to keep saying them for a long time to come.

Marketing & Publicity
  • A New Adult page-turner supported by extensive online social media including three scenes from the story shot and edited specifically for YouTube.
  • Ongoing email outreach to a growing fan base accumulated through an extensive and exclusive pre-order offer to leverage the base to create buzz and viral success.
  • iRead Spotlight Tour and guest posts to influencers in the New Adult Market
  • BookGrabbr promotions and previews to build market share of new adult readers. Expand readership, impressions, and sales.