Heaven on Earth

Living in the Fullness of God's Kingdom Here and Now

Too often we are taught that the pleasures of God’s Kingdom won’t be ours to enjoy until we die and go to heaven. While that is certainly “good news” even better news is that you can begin to experience more of God’s best this side of eternity. Citizenship has its privileges. Heaven On Earth will explain how you can experience the full joy of living in God’s kingdom, here and now. Through a comprehensive overview of Scripture, you will learn:

• The history of the kingdom of God

• God’s true nature

• How to have intimate fellowship with God as citizens of His kingdom

• How citizens in God’s kingdom should treat each other

• How to treat those who are not citizens in God’s kingdom

• The role Jesus plays in God’s kingdom

• The principles that govern God’s kingdom

We are not merely subjects in God’s kingdom; we are sons and daughters of the King! While most people feel in awe of their king, almost no one expects to be friends with Him. But we can enjoy friendship and fellowship with our King as a loving father. What great love God has for us! How valuable and precious we are in his sight! And oh, how much he wants us to be part of his kingdom, now and forever!

Eugene Lowe Eugene Lowe, Ph.D nearly forty years experience in the high-tech world of systems engineering. He graduated for the Georgia Institute of Technology earning a Ph.D. Gene's Dr. Lowe has a gift for recognizing the most significant ideas in important subjects has an Electrical engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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