The Sacred Art of Clowning... and Life!

How does one move out of an abusive marriage and transform her thinking so that she can manifest a wonderful marriage based on love, mutuality, and respect? That is the journey that Cleone took, starting with her debut as Chloe the Clown in 1994. Through her six clown characters (she calls herself "a multiple personality of a deliberate kind), she sees each clown as representing different ages/stages of her life. And that each moment of our life is sacred, something to honor and accept. As a Caring Clown (versus a Circus Clown), she spread love and joy to countless people in hospitals, nursing homes, parade routes, workshops, putting loved ones into clown, etc. But what she found was the recognition of her own self-love and appreciation! She decided she didn't need to be a clown anymore and quit in 2004. What made her return to clowning in 2010? How is clowning a SACRED ART? How does that relate to life? Answers to these accompanied by 100+ pictures tell her story.

Cleone Lyvonne Reed of Bandon, OR Reed was a mental health counselor when she became a clown in 1994, thus calls herself a clownselor. So far, 166 people have been a clown at least a day in response to her work. Reed has six clown characters, each representing a different stage of her life. She attributes her clown journey as a vehicle to transform her life from one of emotional pain to one of bliss.

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