Seduction of Silence

Journal of a Reluctant Widow
I have read books about widowhood and attended bereavement groups, and I have found many people who, once upon a time pledged "until death do us part." How odd that these words that meant so little, long ago, come back to haunt us. I had no idea death was so final, that death separated us as if a knife severed something very real into two separate entities; one to remain here and the other to disappear from the face of the earth. In some strange ways I have grown. There seems to be an inner core that lay dormant all my life and is now starting to sprout. I find that I am more at peace with myself than I thought was possible. Yes, it is a kindness I seem to give recognition that, alone, I have moved forward along the path. I am standing taller than I would have thought possible. This life I have been given still has real value. My hope now is to be able to share this value with friends.

Helen Lewison

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