A Novel of the Possible
Two dates burn fiercely in the memory of millions of Americans: November 22, 1963 and September 11, 2001. These two tragedies bracket "Unafraid," a story grounded in a simple question: what if the fatal bullet fired on that sunny Dallas afternoon had veered three inches off target?"Unafraid" lays out a compelling answer, rich with the public adventures and private dramas of 20th Century icons--J. Edgar Hoover, Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro, Golda Meir, the Beatles--played out on a transformed world stage. At the center of this parallel history is a leader who blows the sides out of conventional politics with a simple belief: a primary reason that idealistic goals are "impossible" to achieve is that we needlessly decide that they're impossible to achieve.With a tiny imaginary spin of history's wheel, "Unafraid" opens the gates to an America of realistic hope and possibility.

Jeff Golden Jeff Golden's migration from the halls of Harvard to the backwoods of Oregon was chronicled in the book Watermelon Summer. He has built homes, farmed, logged, guided river adventures and served as a County Commissioner, mediator, columnist and public broadcasting producer and talk show host.Other books include As If We Were Grownups and Forest Blood.

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