Where We Were in Vietnam

A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases and Militar

Widely considered the definitive resource on the Vietnam War, Where We Were identifies the name, location and provides a brief historical synopsis of every military installation, firebase, landing zone, airfield, port, signal site, vessel and significant terrain feature of the American war in Vietnam. Additionally, includes a substantial number from the French War as well. Coverage includes all of Indochina. Currently features over 12,000 entries. Also includes an extensive appendix of Vietnam War research and map guidelines/resources.

Michael Kelley Michael Kelley was drafted in 1969 and sent to Vietnam where he was severely wounded and hospitalized for more than six months. After his release, he obtained an MFA and went to work as a county appraiser, while simultaneously pursuing a career as an artist. His Vietnam-related art has been widely exhibited and he has published numerous articles about his experiences. This book is a five-year labor of love. Michael passed away in December 2011.

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