Finding God in Sin City

A Woman’s Journey From Losing it All to Finding Life’s True Riches

How do you find the courage to start over again when life takes an unexpected twist?

Each of us face seasons of doubt, disappointment, even destruction. But why do some struggle where others find the strength and courage to move past their place of pain to discover a new and beautiful view of life that's often just over the horizon?

This inspiring book may provide just the boost you're looking for.

The author shares her journey from Miss Oregon pageant winner and successful politician to the subject of an arrest warrant facing eighteen years in state prison. Through years of legal wrangling, a depleted bank account, stained reputation - even thoughts of suicide, a hope, a perspective and a growing faith emerged.  

Finding God in Sin City offers compassionate insight that will help you:

Lynette Quintanilla of San Antonio, TX

Lynette Boggs Quintanilla is an attorney and mother of two beautiful children. She worked in both city and county government in Las Vegas, Nevada for 15 years.  She was appointed by former president George W. Bush as one of his six civilian trustees of the United States Naval Academy.

She served both as a staff writer and associate editor of the St. Mary's Law Journal.  She is the 2012 recipient of the Judge Jack Miller Award, presented by the St. Mary's Law Faculty Advocacy Committee and one of 10 in her law school graduation class inducted into the National Order of Barristers. Lynette earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame and was crowned Miss Oregon 1989 and competed in the 1990 Miss America Pageant.  She resides in San Antonio, Texas. 

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