Finding ELE

How far would Willow go to find the man she loves? It only took three short months for Project ELE to send sixteen year old Willow Mosby's life spinning out of control. Her family has been torn apart; she merely escaped capture by the Hasting's men and now Alec, her first love, is missing along with her newfound friends. In order to find them, Willow is forced to leave the shelter, her only protection from ELE's wrath. What she doesn't realize is that outside, the change has begun and the world will NEVER be the same again. The forces of good and evil collide and Willow has no choice but to choose a side. When her rare abilities become a liability an unlikely protector must step up to help her. For if her gifts were to fall into the wrong hands...NOBODY would be safe. With her protector by her side Willow races against time to find Alec and her friends. After new friendships are built and alliances are formed, Willow finds herself torn between the one she loves and the one who protects her.

Rebecca Gober of Dallas, TX I have thirteen years of experience in upper level management, sales, marketing and business relations. I have an extensive history in finding ways to market outside of the box. I have a passion for social media marketing and customer relations. I'm not afraid to take educated risks and I believe there is no such thing as impossible. I have co-authored seven successful young adult books with Courtney and at times I have emotional attachments to my characters. You will often find me on my laptop searching for new and innovative ideas to market our books and to connect with our readers. On the personal side of things, I've been married for twelve years and I have two amazing children and one huge dog that nearly weighs more than I do. I'm very creative and enjoy long evening walks on the beach, J.K. I love spending time with my family and I'm hopelessly addicted to chocolate. I'm powered by Red Bull and often times find myself so hyped up that I can see sounds.

Courtney Nuckels I graduated from UNT with a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree in Interdisplinary Studies (I know it makes me chuckle too). I went on to teach middle school and this is where I found my love for the YA genre. I'm not too much of a people person like Rebecca, so I'm usually working on all things behind the scenes: formatting, web design, accounting etc. I can be found working late into the night, typing away on my trusty little laptop. I've been married for 13 years to my amazing hubby and I also double as a homeschool mom extraordinaire to three awesome kids. Needless to say, free time and I don't get along.

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