Win the Job You Want!

7 Secrets Hiring Managers Don't Tell You, But We Will!

Over 24 million people are unemployed or under employed in America. If you are one of these people, you have picked up the right resource to give you the motivation and professional insight you need to Win the Job You Want!

Authors, Patricia Andrew and Eleanor Hill provide you with the most comprehensive, accurate information on what Hiring Managers want to see in a job candidate. And now, they are ready to share their findings and experiences with you!

When you search for a job, or want to be considered for that promotion, there are certain secrets most Hiring Managers know, that you need to know to help you Win the Job You Want! In this book, you will:

This book is an easy-read tool to guide you successfully through your job search and help you Win the Job You Want!

Patricia Andrew Patricia Andrew has owned and operated successful businesses since 1986. She is currently President of TheAndrewGroup, a marketing and management consulting firm. She has successful consulting relationships with Fortune 500 companies, and has also been a participating member of the Study Group for the National Infrastructure Advisory Council.

Eleanor Hill Eleanor Hill is retired Vice President of Human Resources for Darden Restaurants and Red Lobster. She is currently President of EA Hill Consulting, an outplacement and human resources consulting company, and is a performing arts development volunteer.

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