Who's Hiding in Your Address Book?

Introducing The Ideal Network for Successful Women
How incredible would it be if, when we are looking for that great business partner, new client or publicity opportunity, it could easily be a couple of ideal connections away? Gone is the frustration of having to make big things happen by ourselves. We have a "staff" now - several of whom have been hiding in our address books for years. We didn't know we had such talent because they've been buried behind a letter of the alphabet just taking up white space. In this book, Kurek introduces the Ideal Network System that allows us to pull these fabulous helpers into active duty by organizing them in a way that is unique to the user. Once organized, they become a business woman's best resource for developing ideas, masterminding a career change, launching a business and enriching other people's lives.which, is what makes it ideal.

Mary Kurek A former Governor's Press Staff member and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Kurek parlayed her business and media skills into a career as a Networking and Marketing Coach. She founded two youth leadership programs and a networking club exclusive to Chambers of Commerce. Kurek writes for NC Journal for Women Magazine and NC Career Network Magazine.

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