School Days and the Divorce Maze

A Complete Guyide for Joint Custody Parents in Managing Your Childs Successful School Career
In today's climate of extended and mixed families, School Days & The Divorce Maze is the quintessential must-have guide for parents in navigating the maze of responsibilities and privileges regarding your child's schooling. Dr. Lapin specifically addresses each party's concerns and points-of-view, offering strategies to include these in effective solutions that build strong self-esteem for the child while maintaining positive, clear communication by and between parents. This book definitively answers parents' concerns on specific and oftentimes unexpected or overlooked issues that they and their child will face as a result of custodial living. By considering and including ALL parties involved in the education of your child, a total and hands-on effective approach is outlined for every issue the family needs to address to insure a happy, healthy and successful educational process.

Renae Lapin Dr. Renae Lapin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with twenty eight years experience. She currently works for the Broward County, Florida School Board where she provides services to children and their families. In addition, Dr. Lapin has established new family counseling programs in five schools, supervised interns and provides parenting and classroom presentations.

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