Your Soul Is Calling...Will You Accept The Call?

Your Soul is Calling by Cari La Grange provides the practical guidance needed to achieve full spiritual awareness through the knowledge and wisdom of the inner soul. Discover the source of eternal joy, everlasting peace, and sensual bliss by recognizing and opening to the inner call. This informative book will energize both new and seasoned spiritual seekers with its ideas and guidance on how to live life more fully, positively, peacefully, and harmoniously.All of us are searching for spiritual meaning and a positive experience of life. Your Soul is Calling addresses this search by providing the practical guidance needed for the journey to complete conscious awareness. This book will lead you to the realization of your creative and passionate potential through contact with the inner soul.Your Soul is Calling outlines the clear and recognizable steps necessary to discover eternal joy, everlasting peace and sensual bliss through recognition of the call from the inner soul. An inner "wake

Cari La Grange Murphy Cari La Grange is an accomplished writer who has penned articles on love, positive living, relationships, and intimacy. She is a freelance writer for greeting card companies. Cari has won several awards for her poetry, which is posted on her web page with America On Line. Certified in Reiki I and II, Cari is dedicated to increasing spiritual awareness and promoting personal empowerment. She wrote Close Encounters: 100 Steps For Achieving The Intimacy You Desire with Dr. Marvin Stone and Diane Stafford. Cari resides in Houston, where she is working on her third book.

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