Law School Undercover

A Veteran Law Professor Tells the Truth About Admissions, Classes, Cases, Exams, Law Review, Jobs, and More

There are numerous prelaw books. Some are written by former students; a few are written by professors. This book is written, pseudonymously, by a 20-year veteran law professor and dean with behind-the-scenes knowledge of admissions. Law School Undercover offers students the straight truth they will get nowhere else—not in books and not even in direct conversations with law professors and deans. How? Because this is written pseudonymously, after Professor “X” realized his advice to his own daughter departed radically from his advice to students. This book is his apology. All law students will benefit from his inside, “underground” advice. Law School Undercover covers all aspects of law school, from selecting the right law school to admissions to first year to law review, moot court, and though graduation and jobs. Professor “X” reveals tricks-of-the-trade in admissions, based on years of experience in making these decisions; he discusses the best approaches to classes, exams, and law school activities; he discusses a rare third method for gaining acceptance to law review; and he lays out career options as no one else has.

Professor X Professor "X" (pseudonym) is a law professor with more than 20 years’ experience. He is a graduate of a national law school, where he was a member of the law review. Before starting his academic career, he clerked for a federal court and practiced law for a national law firm.  As a law professor, he has written extensively in his field and taught at three law schools, in which he won numerous teaching awards. He estimates he has personally instructed at least 2,000 law students.

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