More Than Saying I Love You

4 Powerful Steps That Help Children Love Themselves

Self-love is not the same as being self-centered, egotistical, self-righteousness or narcissistic.What would it look like to have a generation of children that practiced self-love? They would be caring and loving towards others as well as themselves. Being able to “love others as ourselves” or as the Bible says ” love your neighbor as yourself” comes from practicing self-love. They would appreciate their talents and be accepting of who they are. By being accepting and compassionate towards themselves, they can in turn be the same towards their friends, classmates, siblings, and parents. Their self-worth or high self-esteem becomes a by-product of their self-love.

Andrea Goodman Weiner Ed.D.

Dr. Andrea "Andie" Weiner began her career as a child and family therapist at a community mental health center, where she worked with children of all ages and their families. While there, she created an early intervention program which focused on developing and honing interpersonal and social interaction skills for young children whose parents or siblings were undergoing treatment. Dr. Weiner's experience with these families ignited an ongoing interest in the lifelong benefits people derive when they are taught interpersonal skills as children. Dr. Weiner's research concentrated on various modes of intelligences, in particular emotional intelligence, which she found most fascinating. She is currently President of Emotionally Smart Beginnings LLC that is dedicated to bringing Power2relate™ products that teach children, their families and educators the important skills of emotional intelligence.

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