The Power to Heal

Spiritual Lessons from the Master

Jane Palzere and Anna Brown met while attending a class in spiritual development.  Jane was working in a hospital and Anna was a teacher in a middle school.  When the class ended, they said goodbye never expecting to meet again. Feeling an unrest and dissatisfaction with the way her life was going, Jane increased her efforts to find a new direction.  The search for meaning led her from church to church and from lecture to lecture.  

Jane was involved with meditation, prayer and classes in spiritual exercises.  She decided to try fasting as a means of strengthening her discipline.  At this point, the letters began to arrive.  Jane was surprised by their appearance and even more so when she was told that she would work with Anna Brown and that these letters were to be published in book form. The letters themselves caused a great deal of soul searching and self analysis.  At first, they were met with skepticism, fear, questions, disbelief.  As mentors appeared who encouraged the sharing of the letters, they were able to accept what was happening.

By a series of events and circumstances which propelled the book forward the book went into several printings and was used in classes and seminars.  Anna passed away in 2005.  Jane continues to believe in the love of God and the workings of spirit.

Jane Palzare of Newington, Connecticut

When faced with the business of growing up and investigating life and its mysteries, Jane Palzere embarked on a spiritual journey hoping to find answers.   She enrolled in development classes, seminars, workshops always looking for the one path that would lead to the final truth.   She joined Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship where she was introduced to many great teachers like Leo Buscaglia, Deepak Chapra, Father Diorio and many others.  After many experiences and teachers, she came to realize that all paths are the same and all paths lead to God.  During this period, she came into contact with a "voice" which spoke to her about the mysteries of healing and spiritual living.  She kept these notes in a journal and decided they were messages that should be shared.  With the help of a friend, she published a small booklet, which went into three printings.  Jane continues to believe in the love of God and the workings of spirit.

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