Freshly Picked

A Locavore's Love Affair with Bc's Bounty

A remarkable, amusing and inspiring tour of what, where, and when to eat BC's fruits and vegetables, complete with photos, recipes and trivia. 

Take a delightful journey through BC's extraordinary bounty and explore the secrets of locally grown fruits and vegetables. In Jane Reid's new book, Freshly Picked, foodies, locavores and gardeners will discover fascinating information about the plentiful harvests that BC farmers produce every year. In this beautiful colour edition, Reid shares valuable tips on where and when to find the freshest fruits and veggies, plus storage hints and simple recipes that bring out the full flavour of BC's offerings one fruit and vegetable at a time. With her vast collection of historical tidbits Reid shares the surprising facts about the sex life of corn, the checkered reputation of garlic, how beans saved mankind, and more. A committed locavore, Reid passes on stories of local farming, the traditions of preserving foods, and the benefits of eating locally grown fruits and vegetables. 

Freshly Picked: A Locavore's Love Affair with BC's Bounty is an essential read for any local food lover. Season by season, Reid offers stories, memories, and tales of love and affection for the best of what BC has to offer. 

Jane Reid

Jane Reid is a passionate locavore who fell in love with British Columbia's bounty one fruit and vegetable at a time. She enjoys exploring every corner of the province, finding new and beautiful places, visiting farmers markets, roadside stands, U-picks, orchards, and vineyards on the way. Jane loves to learn more about where, when, and how we get our food by talking with farmers, friends, and produce managers. Her writings on local harvests have appeared in Edible Vancouver & Wine Country magazines. She lives with her husband in Whistler, BC, where they not only ski, bike, and hike, but make valiant attempts to grow some of what they eat in their backyard..

Marketing & Publicity
  • Ongoing partnerships with food festivals and farmers' markets
  • Media (Niche/Regional): CBC, CTV, Global TV, Home & Garden, Vancouver Sun, BC Living, Island Farm & Garden, Cottage Country
  • Book Tour: Whistler, Vancouver, Fraser Valley
  • Blurbs by Emily Wight, endorsements by BC Farmers Associations
  • Intended for food-conscious eaters and passionate gardeners to read (and escape into) during Winter seasons
  • Continues the conversation of local, organic food consumption started by The 100-Mile Diet and Animal, Vegetable, Mineral