Harris's Ark

"Harris's Ark is an excellently written and frightening tale of what happens within a small community when the larger community fails. Harrowing and hopeful at the same time. A book for the survivalist in all of us." – Steve Thayer, New York Times bestselling author of The Weatherman, The Wheat Field, and Silent Snow

Corinne A. Dwyer

Corinne A. Dwyer (1950-2018) was a champion of books and writers alike. Spending nearly 50 years working at, and later owning, North Star Press, Corinne lived her literary passions and shepherded thousands of books into the world. She was a prolific writer, a gifted illustrator and visual artist, and took endless joy in the gardens and critters on the farm where she lived and died. Corinne loved the natural world, endlessly drawing on the beauty and intricasy there to ground her novels with depth and real wisdom. Corinne died of a brain tumor in 2018, a devastation to her family, her business, and her devoted fans. The Nasha-sheen Chronicles, an epic, wise, beautiful, and arching series, were begun when Corinne was in third grade, and worked on until her final weeks. While she wrote many other books and stories, the Nasha-sheen Chronicles, the world and characters therin, were her beauty and brilliance in book form.

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