Wake Up Call

The 7 Pivotal Moments That Can Change Everything - What Every Entrepreneurial Leader Needs To Know

This book gives the right perspective to positively handle negative or unfamiliar circumstances that life invariably brings. The key is to reframe these negative or surprising events in your life with the right perspective. How you interpret these events, and the actions that come out of them, say more about you than they do the events. This book looks at seven of the most common “wake-up calls” of life that business people face:

  1. Gaining a new Insight
  2. Expected Success
  3. Money Problems
  4. Failure (business or personal)
  5. Loss
  6. Change
  7. Belief (spiritual, world-view)

Each of these, whether occurring in business or personal life, is an opportunity for the reader to convert an experience into personal growth and higher productivity within his or her business.

Glen Gutek

Glenn is the founder of Awake Consulting & Coaching, an organization devoted to helping professionals wake up, and lead in the direction of excellence.  The vision and passion he brings to Awake has shaped a team that brings un-paralleled professionalism and expertise to making a bottom line impact in the businesses and practices they serve.  With a variety of resources Awake Consulting & Coaching has the ability to create a profitable business that serves clients, customers, staff, employees and owners with enjoyment and excellence.

Glenn and his wife of 20 years, Tami, are the parents of four children.  Together they coach their daughter’s YMCA Basketball team, enjoy Atlanta Braves baseball, and take long walks on a daily basis.  In his personal life he is dedicated to pursuing a balance between professional excellence and personal vitality.

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