Fearful Master

America is at war in several Middle Eastern states, and anti-Muslim sentiment is everywhere. Jason Currie, a Canadian intelligence analyst, has been assigned to SECOR, Homeland Security's far more powerful replacement. Because of his Lebanese background, Jason is falsely detained with innocent Muslims. Jason manages to escape, but is forced to confront the dark and covert world of US anti-terrorism. Fearful Master is the debut novel from Arthur Lawrence and you will experience firsthand the razor-thin line that divides security and terrorism. Jason's world twists and turns, leaving him caught between two Americas: one founded by freedom; the other controlled by fear.

Arthur Lawrence Arthur Lawrence grew up wanting to be a poet. As a young man he was pushed into the working world, setting literature aside and spending his energy becoming an organization man. This took him from his home in North Toronto and let him experience the rest of Canada. Forty years later, he retired as a Vice President. He and his wife Dorothy happily resettled to Vancouver Island, where his creative instincts re-emerged through books. Fearful Master is his first published book.

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