Knitted Nursery Rhymes

This adorable collection of 10 knitted projects, each with specially designed outfits and animals, is sure to be a hit with the little people in your life. Each character is personalised with features and outfits, and stuffed to give a three-dimensional shape.

Knitted Nursery Rhymes includes step-by-step instructions on how to knit your favourite nursery rhyme character, like Little Bo Peep, and includes other accessories such as Little Bo Peep’s sheep.  There’s a variety of nursery rhyme characters to make to match every child’s personality, and even includes some adorable knitted mobiles.  Each project requires intermediate-level knitting skills and uses knit, purl and basic sewing skills.

The projects include:

Cila Webb

Cilla Webb was born and raised in Belgium, where she was taught to knit at a young age by her mom. While expecting her first baby Cilla designed and made a pattern for a toy and posted it on the website Ravelry.  The feedback was positive and encouraged her further.  Cilla now designs for Knit Now magazine and is also a teacher.

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  • Beautiful gift for any newborn baby
  • Practice makes perfect! You can learn how to knit these adorable nursery rhyme characters.