Wheels On Fire

My Year of Driving (and surviving) in Iraq
From February 2004-2005, Staff Sergeant Michelle Zaremba led supply convoys through the streets of Baghdad. A woman in combat, truck driver, Purple Heart recipient, leader of men: roles she never thought she'd be living when she joined the National Guard as a seventeen year old looking for direction.For 365 days, Michelle saw the Iraq War up close, experiencing the terror, the camaraderie and the frustration of being so far away from home for so long.Funny and poignant, "Wheels On Fire" is one woman's personal experience of war, mosquitoes, bad food, incompetent leadership and camel spiders.Includes more than 50 photos and excerpts from her in-country email correspondence with her hometown newspaper--emails that appeared regularly and made her a local celebrity and hero.

Michelle Zaremba

Christine Sima

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