Some Like It Hot

The Sauna, Its Lore & Stories
Whats all in this sauna book? For starters, tips for athletes and health benefits. And saunas made from cars, silos, and ice blocks, ancient savusaunas to state-of-the-art saunas, war saunas to peace saunas, as well as sweat-bath traditions of other cultures. There are proverbs, legends and tales, plus funny stories about the Sauna Queen, nakedness, embarrassing moments, birthing in a sauna, and cupping, an ancient, mysterious treatment. Sprinkled among the pages are also a few recipes to try in the sauna. Did forget sauna reggae? Or where to take a public sauna? That’s here, too, and lots more.

Nikki Rajala of Rockville, MN Nikki grew up in northern Minnesota in a sauna-loving Finnish family. She is a retired teacher and lives in Rockville, MN with her husband, Bill Vossler

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