Things I Know Now That I Wish I'd Known Then

150 Tips for Living Smarter
This insightful book offers down-to-earth advice on how to do things smarter, save time and money, and eliminate much of the frustration of daily living. It is a practical guide to getting more out of every day and every dollar, and can be used by anyone. This book reveals "open secrets" that can enrich your income and your life, including details on how to: Save $250,000 over your lifetime by timing when you buy a new car. Ask for a date without ever feeling intimidated. Learn the "magic" word that eliminates red tape and paperwork. Use a phrase that lets you ask a personal question without risk.Perform a little-known but critical inquiry before buying a house. Apply a foolproof formula for becoming financially secure.These tips are targeted toward the person who makes lists, has goals, or wants to get an edge in life. Reading Newman's book is like having a smarter, older brother whispering in your ear just when you need him.

George Newman of Tucson, AZ George Newman has been a reporter and has received numerous awards for journalism. He received his Masters Degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and served as a part-time faculty member at West Valley College in Saratoga, California. Newman is the founder of Project: One Hour/One Child, a volunteer tutoring program for low-income and at-risk children.

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