A Fistful of Stars

Communing with the Cosmos

We are made up of star stuff! This elegant idea became tangibly real when the liberal clergy author was handed a cottonwood twig with a tiny star hiding inside.  Gathering up fists full of these star sticks, and in collaboration with her ‘rocket scientist’ partner, she set out to reframe the human experience within its cosmic context. Here she shows how living in communion with the cosmos can affect the way we live in community, understand ourselves, and connect with the Source of all Becoming.  In the addendum, she invites readers to add to the evolving new cosmic narrative of living ‘from ashes to ashes, dust to dust, star stuff to star stuff.’

Gail Collins-Ranadive

Milt Hetrick

Milt Hetrick, has manifested as in the form of son, big brother, farm boy, student, college graduate, licensed professional engineer/physicist, husband, father, step-father, life partner, pragmatic iconoclast, non-violent conflict management advocate, environmental advocate, sustainable living advocate, practicing geek and web site developer, and writer. 

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