Three New York Poets

Charles North, Tony Towle, Paul Violi

The vibrant nexus of second-generation New York School poetry is celebrated for its intellectual rigor, wit, startling imagery and lyrical beauty. At the center of that generation of influential New York poets is the work of Tony Towle, Charles North and Paul Violi. Here they are recognized for the poetic power of that work and their personal long commitment to the demanding life-in-poetry. In these critical portraits we meet them as young men finding their way, emotionally, philosophically and psychologically “hooked” on poetry, indeed radically changed by the work that may have literally saved their lives. 

Andrew McCarron

Andrew McCarron is a poet, teacher, and hagiographer born and raised in the Hudson River Valley.  He holds a Ph.D. in Social/Personality Psychology and currently runs the Religion, Philosophy & Ethics Department at Trinity School in Manhattan.  His first collection of poetry, Mysterium, was published by Edgewise Press in 2011, and Light Come Shining: The Transformations of Bob Dylan, a  study of the
Nobel Laureate's religious identities, published by Oxford University Press in 2016.

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