Otherworld: Isle of Mist

When fifteen year old apprentice conservator Wally Gobbett unearths a forgotten medieval manuscript, The Secret Chronicle of the Isle of Mist, hidden in the basement of the British Library in London, little does he realise that the secret contained within its pages will draw him into a magical world that will change his life forever.

Pursued by the agents of a sinister organisation known as ‘The Order’, who want the Secret Chronicle for themselves, Wally is forced to flee to the mysterious Isle of Mist where he discovers a secret community of witches and wizards, ruled over by the powerful sorcerer - Manannan Mac Lir.

With the help of an unlikely group of friends, Wally battles dragons, vicious hobgoblins and the agents of The Order as he tries to solve the riddle of the Secret Chronicle and aid the sorcerer Manannan in his quest to vanquish the evil that threatens to destroy the place where the power of magic comes from – the Otherworld.

Fast paced and full of wonder, Otherworld: The Isle of Mist announces Adrian Bailey as a great new voice in the world of fantasy.

Adrian Bailey of Isle of Man, British Isles

Otherworld: The Isle of Mist is Adrian Bailey's first foray into the world of literary fiction since winning the prestigious 1977 Pownall Hall Prep School Prize for Creative Writing. Also a recipient of the history prize, he lives on the Isle of Man.

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