Taking the Quantum Leap to Happiness

Most of humanity is ruled and confined by seemingly never-ending circles. Like rats in a maze, we search endlessly for liberation from proscribed standards of behavior and the experiences forced on us by others. We play the game without knowing we are playing it.In this book, Dr. Zinner demonstrates that freedom from circular behavior is possible, and that we can break the chains that bind us if we embrace a vision of spiritual freedom.This book offers a systematic method based on Dr. Zinner's construct known as rings, which can enable serious seekers to understand and work with the apparent chaos of the human condition. The swirling chaotic energies are what merge into a point called now, but within chaos is a still, tranquil place where we can see our choices, take creative action and uncover hidden truths. Seekers who are not afraid to look into a mirror at the place just behind their eyes will find answers in this definitive prescription for altering perception.

Dennis Zinner D.C. M.S. Dennis Zinner has been interested in holistic health and spiritualism all of his adult life. He made a drastic career change in his early forties when he moved to California from Colorado and attended Palmer Chiropractic College West. He graduated in 1992 and has been in practice in San Francisco for the past twelve years. Ever the seeker, Dr. Zinner attended Linn University and the University of Miami Medical School in Florida, where he received a Master of Science degree in Health Administration with a specialty in Biomechanical Trauma. Dennis Zinner lives with his wife in San Francisco, California.

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