Times Of Refreshing, Volume 3

Inspiration, Prayers & God's Word For Each Day
Everyday Refreshment! Looking for a fresh way to start your day—or a relaxing way to wind down in the evening? Times of Refreshing Volume 3 offers you 365 slices of heavenly peace and joy through spiritual insights from Genesis to Revelation. As with Times of Refreshing Volume 1 and Volume 2, this brand-new devotional brings you directly into His presence with inspiring messages from God’s Word and spiritual discernments from a well-known and devoted ministry leadership couple. Best-selling author Bishop Joe Ibojie and his wife Pastor Cynthia Ibojie combine a unique prophetic gifting with rare vision into the mysteries of God. Each page of this volume includes a Scripture and God-given message, as well as questions designed to provoke thought and meditation. There is also a convenient list of Scriptures allowing you to read the Bible in a year—everything you need to make each and every day a supernatural, victorious experience!

Bishop Joe Ibojie Dr. Joe Ibojie, founder and senior pastor of The Father’s House, travels worldwide as a Bible and prophetic teacher. He combines a unique prophetic gifting with rare insight into the mysteries of God and the ancient biblical methods of understanding dreams and visions. Pastor Cynthia Ibojie is the resident senior pastor for The Father’s House. She is president of Women of Grace and moves in strong pastoral anointing with a heart for prophetic evangelism. Joe and Cynthia are married with four children and live in Aberdeen, Scotland

Pastor Cynthia Ibojie

The resident senior pastor for The Father’s House and moves in strong prophetic and pastoral anointing. Bishop and Pastor Ibojie have been married for many years, and they live in Aberdeen, Scotland

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