Sergeant Dickinson

Sergeant Dickinson is the radioman of a Special Forces A-team in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam. The camp is encircled and attacked for nine days by the North Vietnamese Army which wants to lure larger American units into combat for the first time. The war grows larger and darker, and Dickinson continues to be drawn back to it, tour after tour, even when he has the opportunity to leave, even though his post-traumatic stress threatens to overwhelm him. Readers of We Were Soldiers Once...and Young, or those who saw the movie, will be interested in the battle that led to the battle in the Ia Drang Valley depicted in We Were Soldiers... Library Journal: "Highly Recommended." New York Times: "First-rate fiction about battlefield experience." Nelson DeMille: "The hard-hitting simplicity of Hemingway and the imagination of Philip Caputo...Truly remarkable and original."

Jerome Gold of Seattle, WA

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