Quarry Quest

The History of Stearns County Quarry Park and Nature Preserve
Quarry Quest is a remarkably thorough history of Stearns County's Quarry Park and Nature Preserve. The book not only highlights the granite heritage of Central Minnesota and the many features of the park, but captures the natural beauty and serenity of this magnificent plance in the many exquisite color photos that fill its pages.

Mark Sakry Mark Sakry, executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota and retired Stearns County Commissioner, was born and raised in St. Cloud. He graduated from St. John's University in 1978, was elected to the District 742 School Board in 1979-1982, and served twenty-two years on the Stearns County Board of Commissioners, 1989-2010. In addition to his work establishing Quarry Park and Nature Preserve, Sakry founded the Roosevelt, Southside, and Eastside Boys and Girls Clubs. Mark lives in Waite Park, MN with his wife, Diane.

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