Experimental Primate

Selected Poems
Sue Flaster has confidence in her words. The verses move with a smooth exactness. Here is a perfectionist in the best sense. These poems are easy and accessable which makes her work recommendable to all readers.It would be hard to compare her to most of her contemporaries. The poets that come to mind are Elizabeth Bishop and Jean Valentine. Flaster is spare and loving. She writes clearly. Her verse is free of artifice--direct, personal, spiritual. Trenchant but not critical her words go to the truth of what matters to her.When the reader finished this short volume the urge is for more. There are more surprises. Among those is that Flaster is the voice of the Jussi Björling newsletter in the U.S.. And who can resist, "I am a defrocked tree climber / rubbing my nails in the / ragged cracks / that hold the tiles together on the wall. / I walked to the kitchen this morning / and found my eye-level. . .surprisingly higher / than what I recalled. (from "Experimental Primate")

Sue Flaster

Sue Flaster attended Douglass Collegea long time ago. She worked in publishing sales, book distribution and wholesaling for nearly 30 years.

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