High on Table Mountain

As the phases of moon describe a lunar cycle, so High on Table Mountain spans the arc of a life and includes themes of family, loss, joy, humor, and immigration to the USA.

Elizabeth Weir lizabeth Weir grew up in England and worked as an RN in South Africa before coming to live in Minnesota with her husband and two young sons. While raising the boys, she dipped into travel writing, weekly news reporting and arts reviewing; she also had a weekly column. Theatre is important to her. She received scholarships from the Star Tribune and New York Times to attend the Critics Institute in Connecticut as the reviewer of Twin Cities theatre for Talkin’ broadway.com. More recently, she served on her city’s planning commission and city council for seventeen years and became mayor, retiring at the end of 2014. In high school in England, she loved the wonder she found in poems but, in the rush of daily living, she lost poetry. She is grateful to poet Chet Corey of Normandale College, who reopened that closed door for her. The poems she most enjoy are windows where the mind acknowledges the pane but sees the world beyond.

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