The Divers and Other Mysteries of Seattle (and California, but just a little)

More Mostly True Stories

The Divers and Other Mysteries of Seattle is a collection of 12 stories and two poems. Six of the stories are fictions and both poems relate fictional incidents. As in The Divers' companion book, The Burg and Other Seattle Scenes, the stories range from satirical to deadly serious, from empathetic to nostalgic. Unlike The Burg, most stories in The Divers include, in one aspect or another, something of the paranormal or unusual natural phenomena.

Jerome Gold of Seattle, WA

Jerome Gold is the author of fifteen books, including The Moral Life of Soldiers and the memoir, Paranoia & Heartbreak: Fifteen Years in a Juvenile Facility. Russell Banks said about this book: “I’ve finished reading Jerome Gold’s terrific book cover to cover without a break… It’s a powerful and very tenderhearted book without a soupçon of sentimentality. Unforgettable!” Mr. Gold’s novels include Sergeant Dickinson, about which the New York Times Book Review said: “[It] belongs on the high, narrow shelf of first-rate fiction about battlefield experience.” He has published stories, essays, reviews and poems in Chiron Review, Moon City Review, Fiction Review, Boston Review, Hawaii Review, and other journals.

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