North Coast Collected

These articles, stories and poems are selected from ten years' worth of work by the Prince Rupert Writers' Group. Some of the contributors have since moved away from Prince Rupert; others are as deeply rooted in the North Coast as lily pads in a creek bed; still others roam. The contributions to this anthology come from as far away as the Queen Charlottes and the Bulkley Valley. But all members of the group were at one time or another profoundly affected in their life and in their writing by their experiences in the magical North Coast region. And all write from the edge - small, isolated northern communities, where experience is unique, but universal. Contributors include Joan Skogan, Ken Campbell, Jean Rysstad, Andrew Wreggitt, George Stanley, Dorothy Spiller and Nancy Robertson.

Dave Speck Dave Speck currently lives in Sidney BC. A retired English teacher, he was one of the three major participants in the reformation of Caitlin Press after it moved to Prince George in 1991. As well as serving as chief editor and reader, he compiled and edited North Coast Collected, an anthology of the best writing from the NorthWest of BC. Writers included in the anthology are Jean Skogan and George Stanley.

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