Murder Is Uncooperative

All Rebecca Butler wants is a good home for her young son and disabled father. At first, Waterview Housing Co-op seems perfect. But then she finds the body of the building’s manager. When Rebecca discovers that another murder happened in the building twenty years ago, she begins to suspect that the two deaths might be related. And that one of her neighbours is hiding a secret that will put Rebecca and her family at risk.

Merrilee Robson of Vancouver, BC Merrilee Robson’s years as a member, volunteer, and employee in the housing co-operative sector has shown her what a difference safe, affordable housing can make in people’s lives—and how desperate the need to find such a home can be. She has published short stories and non-fiction, and has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Murder is Uncooperative is her first novel, or second if you count the one she wrote in pencil when she was eleven. It is the first in a planned series.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Review copies sent to selected media outlets in Vancouver and greater British Columbia
  • author has several scheduled events throughout the summer and fall