Defy Your DNA

How the New Gene Patch Personalized Medicines Will Help You Overcome Your Greatest Health Challenges

The greatest medical breakthrough since penicillin, currently featured on the TV show Grey's Anatomy, is about to change your health care forever (even if cancer and heart disease lurk in your genes).  

What if your doctor could stop a disease for you or your children before it actually happens? That may sound like science fiction, but the FDA is already approving new  medicines that will literally patch your genes and end inherited illness.

Defy Your DNA will be your guide to this medical future. Inside you’ll discover:

*The new possibilities for healing heart disease and cancer, as well as rare diseases such as  sickle cell anemia.

*The secret weapon that can end biological warfare right now (as well as the threat of plague-like viruses such as Ebola).

*What the doctor’s visit of the future will look like and how you can get a map of your own DNA today for under $1000.

*The top ten shocking future medical trends that are coming to a galaxy near you right now and much, much more!

Stephen Shrewsbury of Richmond, British Columbia and Cupertino Dr. Steven B. Shrewsbury is a physician whose 30-year career has taken him from the intimate world of English family practice to the cutting edge of global drug development, where physicians scientists are creating therapeutics that will patch our disease-causing genes. Recently he spent nearly three years as Chief Medical Officer of a company focused on the development of drugs that will precisely and effectively correct some of the mistakes found in our genes. These inno

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