Advice for A Happy Life

Lessons from my Mother

Ms. Glauber's mother never seemed to struggle to find the answers to the many questions she relentlessly asks herself: How can I make the most out of my life? How can I be less critical of myself and others? How can I find the core of contentment? For her mother, those answers appeared to be right in front of her, and now that she is gone, she yearns to understand those answers too. That is why she decided to write about her mother’s approach to life. Maybe by describing it,  she could keep her mother’s spirit alive around her and share that spirit with her children, Lili and David, and with her nieces, her brother’s children, Diane and Haley.   And perhaps in the process of writing, she would have a new insight into her mother’s distinctive guide to happiness and share that message with other.

Anne Friedman Glauber Anne Friedman Glauber is an award-winning public relations executive. She is a Managing Partner of Finn Partners and the director of the Global Issues group where she focuses on fostering social change through meaningful corporate social responsibility programs, advocacy initiatives and creative public relations programs. She is the co- founder of NO MORE,, a unifying effort to galvanize new awareness and action to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

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