Time and the Tapestry

A William Morris Adventure

Time and the Tapestry tells the story of a 13 year old, would-be artist Jen and her not-quite-as-nerdy-as-he used-to-be- 10 year old brother Ed. They find themselves adrift in 19th century England, unable to make their way back home until they’ve gathered the missing pieces to make that tapestry whole. It’s great that they can ride on Mead’s back. But not so great that his feathers are falling off, too fast to count. Great that they keep meeting up with the rug maker himself, Jen's hero, British radical William Morris. But not so great that he always seems to be yelling at somebody or tossing something at them. Great that as they travel from London to Oxford to Iceland, they begin to figure out a way to save the Tapestry (and Granny's house along with it). But downright terrifying that Mead’s going to be grounded soon, leaving them trapped with Morris and his wacky daughter May in a Victorian London filled with cranky artists and loveable animals, but....it's a long long way from home.

Phyllis Saroff of Brookline, MA Phyllis Saroff is an artist whose work has appeared in books and magazines and her paintings of wildlife are used in outdoor displays in wildlife management areas across the country. She lives in Annapolis, MD.

John Plotz Time and the Tapestry is John Plotz's first children's book. He teaches English at Brandeis University and is the author of two scholarly books about Victorian literature, The Crowd and Portable Property. He rereads The Hobbit, Huck Finn, and A Wizard of Earthsea every year, and is now at work on a young adult novel about Mark Twain. He and his wife live in Brookline, MA, along with two daughters and four chickens.

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