Healthy Eating for the Time Poor

The Ultimate Guide to Save Time and Money

Are you too busy to cook healthy meals?

Do you need ideas for nutritious family meals?

Healthy Eating for the Time Poor is packed with recipes, tips and techniques to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen.

Reliable make-ahead meals, easy-to-follow cooking plans and pre-planned shopping lists will reduce your time in the kitchen and let you reclaim your evening.

• over 70 delicious recipes

• freezer tips to save time and money

• meal planners for cooking once, twice or three times a week

• simple ideas to plan, create and store time-saver recipes

• slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes

Lisa Kathleen Daly

Lisa Daly is a business women and entrepreneur. She understands families of all backgrounds from her experience looking after International young students and travel.

Lisa wants to make a difference in life and be that with more time with family and eating more nutritious meals which has an amazing impact on all who are living in the home.

She understands the importance of time and exercise and healthy eating in living a more enriched life.

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