Picturing New York

The Art of Yvonne Jacquette and Rudy Burckhardt

The New York paintings and pastels of Yvonne Jacquette, one of America’s most distinguished contemporary painters, and the New York photographs of her late husband Rudy Burckhardt, whose unconventional art has spawned a large and devoted following, are the subjects of this intriguing look at a slice of the New York art world from the 1930s to the present. Picturing New York: The Art of Yvonne Jacquette and Rudy Burckhardt explores this remarkable pair of artists whose work celebrates New York’s streets and skyline, capturing both the intimacy and the expansiveness of the city.

Vincent Katz Vincent Katz is an art critic, curator, and poet. He organized the first museum retrospective of the photographs, films, and paintings of Rudy Burckhardt in 1998 at the Institute of Modern Art in Valencia, Spain. In 2000, he co-curated with Lynn Gumpert Rudy Burckhardt and Friends: New York Artists of the 1950s and 60s for the Grey Art Gallery at New York University

Andrea Henderson Fahnestock Andrea Henderson Fahnestock is Curator of Paintings and Sculpture at the Museum of the City of New York, where her exhibitions include Hirschfeld's New York; The Day Our World Changed: Children's Art of 9/11; Picturing New York: The Paintings of Peter Ruta; and Still New York: Watercolors by Frederick Brosen.

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